Are you thinking of possibly selling your Las Cruces home? Would you like to find out the current value of your home? Make sure you don’t rely on automated valuation tools such as Trulia or Zillow’s estimates. Online tools are inaccurate and do not take into consideration many of the important factors that can increase or decrease a home’s value. A recent study showed that less than 50% of homes sold in a specific area even got close to their online estimated value.

The value of your home depends on a number of different factors such as location, home size, land size, layout, upgrades, condition, amenities, type of cooling, quality, negative events and more.
To truly find out the current value of your Las Cruces home, and the amount you can actually sell your home for in today’s market, you need to have the pulse of the Las Cruces market.
What kind of sales have taken place in your area within in the last 90-180 days? What features does your local demographic demand? How does the age of your home impact value in your market? These are just a couple of many local insights you will need to properly price your home.

The most accurate valuation comes from someone who understands the Las Cruces market well. Our team of Real Estate experts at Enchanted Sun Realty knows our local community, and our Real Estate market. We are all local families that have lived in our community for decades, helping people buy and sell homes in Las Cruces.
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