Thanks for your help with the property. It was a very easy transaction!


John & I just want to say thank you so much for making our experience in buying a home such a stress-free experience! You are a very professional person & we are so glad to have had you as a REALTOR!

—John & Vicki Robles

We wanted to thank you for helping us find an amazing home here in Las Cruces. We are settled in, as well as our little one, Jacob. He loves it here too! We could not be any happier!

—Josh, Samantha & Jacob

We are very happy to be here at our new home.

—Alfonso & Gloria

Thank you for helping me in the process of getting my home! Your character is impeccable!


Thank you for all the time and energy you spent finding us a home. You are such a nice person and your good energy is contagious. We really do appreciate everything you did for us.

—Heather, Jessica & Autumn

Our experience with our Realtor was wonderful. We live in Oregon and decided to move to Las Cruces. Somehow we were blessed with our realtor. We had such confidence in her and her knowledge of what we were looking for in a home that we put an offer on our house sight unseen. We rushed to Las Cruces to see the house, firmed up our offer and were able to get the house inspected and spoke to a contractor about improvements within a few days, all arranged expertly by our Realtor. We closed on our house yesterday and are so excited about our move to beautiful Las Cruces. Our Realtor and Enchanted Sun Realty was also very helpful to us when we needed to fax and scan documents to our mortgage and insurance companies.

—Kathy Rebelez

Where do I even begin with our epic saga to sell our home. We had three different realtors attempt to sell our home before meeting our Realtor. Needless to say we began to lose faith in ever selling our home. I posted on Facebook asking if any of my friends would recommend a realtor. Our Realtor’s name was tagged several times on the post. Our Realtor reached out to me before I could even reach out to her. That already had me thinking I’m going to like this lady.

I tried to be very standoffish during our first meeting because, well, how could she be the ONE that would actually sell our home. It was next to impossible to keep up with the attitude. I quickly discovered that our Realtor is an incredibly likeable, knowledgeable, and skilled real estate professional. She had new and creative marketing strategies and assured me that she could sell our home. We listed our home with our Realtor and she was the ONE that did sell our home. our Realtor is nothing short of a miracle worker Superwoman.

She held my hand throughout the process and provided guidance when necessary. She doubled as a councilor when I needed someone to listen. She encouraged me when I became doubtful. Our Realtor really does care about her clients. She takes her time to learn about the families she is helping. She is not just our realtor she is our friend.

Now that we have sold our home we needed some where new to go and FAST. Again, our Realtor put on her Superwoman cape and got us through the process of finding our new home. She recommended an “app” to help us search for homes. I sent her listings and she sent us listings. She was always very fast to get back to me with information about listings. She quickly honed in on what we desired in our new home. She knew when I wasn’t going to like a home before I even knew it.

Our Realtor makes you feel like you are her number one priority. She was always willing to work with our crazy schedule and show listing to us.

Again, our Realtor held my hand when I thought we weren’t going to find a new home. She wouldn’t let me give up and again convinced me she was the ONE to find me a home. And she was right just like before. Once we found our new home our Realtor’s amazing organization and attention to detail kicked in to overdrive. She made sure that we had all our ducks in a row with financing, inspections etc. We have our Realtor to thank for helping us move on to this next phase of our lives. We would not have been able to find our dream home without her guidance, support, knowledge and friendship.

—Pamela Izzo Ray

Our Realtor was an amazing real estate agent! My husband and I just bought our first home and she made the process so simple and was always available for all of our questions and concerns. Her knowledge of the home buying process and her attention to detail were incredible. Her warm and friendly personality and her commitment to always advocate for us was an awesome addition. We will refer her to all of our friends and family.


—Miranda and Rocky Gonzales

Enchanted Sun Realty into ours lives since we were new to the LC and New Mexico. After nearly 50 years with my high school sweetheart it was paramount that she have this’s special house. Armed with that information they made it happen! Our Realtor said she wanted to be our realtor for life and proved it by helping with a home warranty insurance policy issue after the closing. Thank you for being part of our golden years and help making them golden!

—Dick Stokes

When I purchased my home I was basically “homeless”, however I worked out a deal with the seller to rent his home to me as we went through the purchasing process. Needless to say this made for a little bit of a complicated situation, however our Realtor worked through all the details with the seller’s agent and we were on our way! As it turned out due to more complications we had to extend the renting/sale 3 times! Again our Realtor was awesome at assuring everything was done properly and in a very timely manner, and here I am in my beautiful home. Thank you to our Realtor and the Enchanted Sun Realty staff!!

—Andrew Bencomo

Our Realtor was helpful and responsive from the first meeting. She listened to our concerns and met our needs, helping us buy a beautiful home for an excellent price. She went out of her way to save us money in closing costs, and was always available via phone, text, email, or in person. I will absolutely use her again when we are ready to sell our new, gorgeous home!

—Mollie Moss Reynolds

I was always told that buying a house would be the most stressful, time consuming task anyone could take on. Our Realtor made it the most wonderful experience I could have asked for! From spending 8 hours on a Saturday with us looking at houses to helping us get our keys ONE MONTH later! I am so happy we chose her as our Realtor! She is truly amazing. She works hard and gets things done!! Thank you for helping us find our home!!

—Anabel Richardson

Our amazing realtor made the home buying process so smooth! I met her 34 days ago and we got the keys to our new house today! She knew all the right people to call, all the right buttons to push to get the job done right!

Our Realtor was aggressive, yet always professional and never pushy. She was there every step of the way, ensuring all of our to-dos aligned with our goals and our schedule, many times working nights and weekends.

Our Realtor displayed the utmost integrity throughout this entire process, and I highly recommend her services and those of Enchanted Sun Realty to anyone looking for a competent, hard-working, sincere realtor that will pull all the stops to ensure success in your realty experience!

—Kent Richardson

The Enchanted Sun Realty team was on the sellers-side and assisted in making our Las Cruces home a reality. Moving from out-of-state is never easy, but our reps made the transition really smooth! Thank you!

—Liz Hamm

Love these great ladies at Enchanted Sunday Realty they go above and beyond to make sure you have the best experience in making you house dreams come true!!

—Adrian-Melissa Bush

All because of you. Your energy, knowledge and all around wonderful spirit is what made our move and transition perfect. Thank you

—Samantha Baca Chaney

Our Realtor was awesome definitely highly recommended. Chance meeting but was awesome. Found us an awesome home and was super to work with, love her. She went above and beyond.

—Tamara Garza

Thank you for helping us find the perfect home.

—Rachel Ortega

Buying a house was a pretty scary thing for me, but our Realtor and her crew at enchanted realty made it an awesome experience for me! They were always very responsive and professional when i needed them the most! They’re great people and I truly wish them the best in their future endeavors!

—Sal Hernandez